Firstly, thanks to Katariina from Light Trick Photography for sending this picture of our swing quartet in the Komedia New years eve.

Rockin out at the Komedia, Brighton

In two hours time I will be on a bus to Heathrow, then a long day of flying awaits. It hasn’t been easy – injections, visas, saving up and lots of imagining! I’m sure I will find amazing musicians when I land in Mumbai and am taking my flute too, like in Istanbul. This time there is no plan at all. Activist = No research, no phone, no Internet, no emailing. There will be lots of exploring, jamming, writing and train rides. Also, you probably guessed it – flute solos. When I am back I will be straight back in to teaching, gigging and practicing. Dearest thanks go out to all friends, family and musicians I played with this year.


I think I am going to love the elephants the most! Or maybe the cows! Or the Monkeys?